CULTURE MASTERY LICENSE: for Coaches and Trainers (ENGLISH language version)

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When you sign up for Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ licensing program, you receive:
  • A full, royalty-free license to the Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ web-based assessment and culture-emotion intelligence development program for 5 years (English or French version)
  • A licensing webinar (4-6 hrs)
  • An access to the practitioner’s forum where you can connect with your fellow practitioners
  • An access to cultural blueprints of many countries***
  • A BONUS: an active link and listing on our site as a Culture Mastery licensed coach/trainer

The Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ is a web-based assessment and culture-emotion intelligence development program.
It has been specifically designed to help individuals address cultural differences through assessing their personal cultural blueprints, applying values-based reasoning to cultural dimensions, and creating a plan for cultural adjustment in unfamiliar environments.

The license to the Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ will benefit you if:

  • You train and counsel diverse teams;
  • You coach individuals and teams on performance issues;
  • You provide training to companies that outsource and/or work virtually across cultures;
  • You coach and train expatriates for assignments abroad;
  • You would like to add a culture component to your marketing, sales, and other training.

"This program is the greatest value to me and the team with whom I work. Some things are simply negotiable and just need to be identified on one side or another -- and I think this tool provides an excellent diagnostic starting point for dialogue to get everyone closer" (R.B., Mexico)

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