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    • familiarize your clients with the NL national culture;
    • inform them about the NL corporate culture and business etiquette;
    • assist them in identifying their cultural blueprint and comparing it to the prevalent NL cultural blueprint
    • help them create a winning strategy for working and living in the NL through the Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™.

    This course contains video, audio, and workbook files. You will be able to download all of those files and share them with your clients/students. For more information please click Living and Working in the NL information page.

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    This course familiarizes you with Dutch national culture and the Netherlands; tells you about Dutch corporate culture; helps you identify your cultural blueprint, compare it to the Dutch cultural blueprint, and determine how large/small the gap is between you and the Dutch.

    This course subsequently provides you with tools and skills to navigate or negotiate that gap in order to be more effective, successful, and happy in the Netherlands.

    The course contains a video, audio, and workbook files. For additional information and to listen to excerpts of the training via a teleclass, please click here.