I am ready to retire from running the Global Coach Center and although I've put out a call for successors, I have so far failed to find people in the expatriate and cross-cultural industry who are able to carry the full costs of purchasing Global Coach Center.

Therefore, taking as an inspiration a couple of recent "win-a-business" contests, I decided to spread the costs of owning Global Coach Center by running a similar essay contest. Your entry will consist of:

  • an essay of 100-200 words
  • a fee of $20

  • Cost: $20.00
    Before you enter the contest, please read The Rules below.


    1. SUBJECT-THEME: The essay shall address the subject/theme: What makes me the best person to run Global Coach Center?

    2. ELIGIBILITY: The essay contest may be entered by anyone world-wide who is eighteen years of age or older. The judges of the contest, owner of Global Coach Center, and the immediate families of those previously mentioned are disqualified and may not participate. Multiple entries, with multiple fees, by an individual are acceptable.

    3. ESSAY ENTRY FEE: Each entry must be accompanied by a PayPal payment in the amount of $20.00 US Dollars. All entries shall be deemed received whether or not the essay adheres to the Technical Requirements as set forth here-in. Absolutely no refunds shall be made by reason of non-compliance or for any other reason whatsoever.

    4. JUDGES: The Global Coach Center owner will select the winner and First and Second Runner-Up.

    5. The Global Coach Center owner will read and evaluate each essay properly submitted with an attached valid entry fee as here-in described. Each essay, which meets the technical requirements as set forth here-in, shall be judged on the basis of structure of essay (introduction, body and conclusion), creativity, thought, and the ability to operate a coaching/training business.

    6. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Each entry shall: 1) Consist of an essay of 100-200 words in English (essays exceeding this word limit will be discarded); 2) Shall be typed and double spaced; 3) Be less than 1MB in size; 4) Include a separate Official Cover Page with entrant’s name, email, and phone number – those details shall not appear on the essay page.

    7. DEADLINE FOR DETERMINATION OF WINNING ESSAY AND RUNNERS-UP: The winner will be chosen on or before October 31, 2015, along with the First and Second Runners-Up. The winner of the contest will be notified by e-mail. If the winner refuses in writing to accept the contest prize (or if the winner doesn't respond to notification within 14 days), then it shall be awarded to the First Runner-Up. Likewise should the First Runner-Up refuse in writing to accept the contest prize (or not respond) then it will be awarded to the Second Runner-Up.

    8. COPYRIGHT AND PUBLICATION: Essay contest entry constitutes an assignment to the sponsors of all copyrights arising under both statute and the common law and all other rights derivative there from.

    9. STATE, FEDERAL AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS: This contest is subject to the provision of all applicable International, Federal, State, and Local Laws and regulations. This offer is void where prohibited.

    10. TAXES/FEES: The winning entrant shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes, including real estate transfer taxes, lawyer’s fees or fees of any kind imposed upon or arising out of a successful participation in this essay contest. If the winner refuses to accept the prize in writing, then the First Runner-Up becomes responsible for all above stated taxes and fees. Should the First Runner-Up refuse the prize in writing, then the Second Runner-Up shall become responsible for all above stated taxes and fees.

    11. DESCRIPTION OF PRIZE PROPERTIES: The owner will present the winner with the full ownership of all intellectual property materials developed by the Global Coach Center (see Attachment 1 below for the full list of revenue streams and materials). The winner will also inherit the website and all social media networks associated with the website. The winner will be solely responsible for updating the site. There are no liens nor taxes nor debts due on the company. The winner from herewith will have a full right to sell all and any part of intellectual property developed by the Global Coach Center with no additional royalties due to the owner. Creation of the aforementioned intellectual property will have to be acknowledged by agreed upon statement.

    12. DEADLINE: Entries must be uploaded on or before September 30, 2015 and must be uploaded through the Global Coach Center Academy only. Responsibility for lost, late or misdirected uploads rests with the entrant.

    13. EXTENSIONS: Sponsors reserve the sole right to extend the deadlines of the essay contest entry and determination of the winning entries for a period of up to sixty (60) days.

    14. PRIZE TRANSFER: The transfer of the prize must occur within thirty (30) days after the notification of the prize winner. An extension of an additional thirty (30) days may be granted by the sponsors if deemed necessary.

    15. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The winner agrees to accept the business as is and also agrees to operate the business as a coaching/training company for a period of at least one year (185 operating days) after the transfer of the company. If this condition cannot be met, then the company will revert back to the sponsors of the essay contest, to be then awarded to the First Runner-Up. The winner further agrees to pay any costs and fees necessary if there is non-compliance of any of the aforementioned requirements.

    16. The owner reserves the right to continue selling the intellectual property that has already been made into books on Amazon, Create Space, iTunes, and other e-retailers. Only the books that are already on sale on those sites are granfathered in with this requirement (books *(stared) in the Attachment 1).

    Attachment 1


    Cross-cultural methodology & assessment (Culture Mastery 4C's Process™): (1) sales to individuals ; (2) sales to companies on subscription basis; (3) sales to companies for in-house training. This includes a web-based software for the ICBI™ (Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator)

    Cross-cultural methodology & assessment (Culture Mastery 4C's Process™) -- Licensing & training of trainers on my methodology for independent coaches/trainers/consultants and for corporate use.

    Country courses (16 at the moment) : (1) sales to individuals; (2) sales to companies on subscription basis; (3) sales to companies for in-house training.Revenues will have to be shared with co-trainers for those countries. At the moment I keep 55% of each sale and give 45% to co-trainers. You are welcome to negotiate your own agreements.

    The network of Culture Mastery licensees that you could tap into for contracting training (when companies contact you to train their employees and you are not in a country where they are -- but another licensee is). For now there are 12 licensees in 9 countries.

    Programs for spouses (at the moment there are 5 programs for spouses)

    Online coaching directory


    Culture Mastery 4C's Process™ -- $197 for individuals & $1499 for other coaches/trainers as a license. Available in English and French.*

    Culture Mastery 4C's Process™ online ICBI assessment (custom-developed software) -- $50 per individual, $400+ per team

    Three strategies for managing Culture Shock -- $6.50-$9.50 for individuals & $149-$489 for other coaches/trainers as a license. Available in English, Spanish, French, and Russian.*

    Country courses (16 countries) -- $199 each for an individual and $349 each for other coaches/trainers as a license. Company subscription deals are customized.

    7 Habits of a Happy Expat -- $9.50 per individual*

    Adjustment Guide E-course -- $97 per individual

    Repatriation Guide E-course -- $97 per individual

    Expat Women Membership Program -- $197-$897 per individual

    Please contact Global Coach Center here for any additional questions.