Teaching License for coaches and trainers

  • If you are a coach or a trainer and want to use this material with your clients, please visit the license page to purchase a license ($329 for 5 years). This set of materials carries "for students only" copyright on its pages.

    This course familiarizes you with the US national culture; provides detailed information about the US corporate culture;
    and gives you tools to identify and compare your cultural blueprint with the US blueprint.

    After understanding where your cultural ideals and identity overlap or differ with Americans you can access tools that teach you how to close the gaps to help you cope better; be more effective, successful, and happy in the US. You will be able to manage the cultural challenges with more ease. You will feel more comfortable. The training will help you create the best impression with your colleagues, superiors, friends and associates.

    The course contains video, audio, and workbook files.