• "This program helps you reflect about all aspects involved in relocation; quietly and rationally analyze them, and take control of the situation as much as possible. This program helps you identify benchmarks you can refer to in difficult situations, it helps you prioritize and take a step back (when needed) to cool down. It takes you by the hand during your entire relocation process to make it as smooth as possible.”

    (Anne Gillmé, Columbus Project, Australia)

    Arriving into another country and another culture isn’t an easy task. Changes that we experience in our living situation, in our friendships, in our careers, and in the culture that surrounds us trigger different emotional reactions. And it is often those emotional reactions that make it harder for us to adjust and begin to build a new chapter in our lives.

    This e-course provides you with the skills you need to manage your emotional reactions and to adjust from the place of empowerment. The e-course helps you learn:

    • how to manage culture shock
    • how to discover your values and improve your adjustment process through them
    • how to reduce overwhelm
    • how to overcome tolerations
    • how to manage inner critics
    • how to create empowering plan to build a great live abroad
    • how to help your children to deal with the move
    You can use this e-course any time you move or relocate and need to go through the adjustment process again.

    This course includes workbooks, audio and video.