Teaching license for coaches and trainers

  • If you are a coach or a trainer and want to use this material with your clients, please contact us to purchase a license ($329 for 5 years). This set of materials carries "for students only" copyright on its pages.

    This course familiarizes you with basic concepts that will be useful when working within an Arab context in the Arabian Gulf; it tells you about the multinational nature of corporate culture in Qatar; helps you identify your cultural blueprint, compare it with the Qatari cultural blueprint, and determine how large/small is the gap between yourself and the multinational context of Qatar.

    This course then provides you with tools and skills to navigate or negotiate that gap in order to be more effective, successful, and happy in Qatar or when working in Qatar.

    The course contains video, audio, and workbook files. For more information please visit the Living and Working in Qatarinformation page.

    Demo access to the course is available for interested companies/organizations here.