• C'est l'un de ces manuels qui contient des exercices et des activités pratiques qui vous apprend comment vous adapter facilement.

    • Whether you are an old hand at living in different cultures or you are just beginning, the Make Transitions Easier: 3 Ways to Manage Culture Shock is an excellent resource for making transitions. It's one of a kind course that contains exercises and hands-on activities that teach you how to adjust with ease.

      Includes a workbook and an easy-to-follow audio course.

      If you are a coach and/or a trainer and would like to teach this course to your clients, please purchase a license that includes ready-to-teach materials here.
    • Culture Shock Tool Kit in ENGLISH. Contains text with exercises. More information here.
    • Un método sencillo y accesible para solventar el choque cultural. Mas informacion aqui.
    • Удобный и простой способ справиться с культурным шоком или инструкции к счастливым переездам. Подробное описание книги читайте здесь.